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    To which reports have filters been applied?

    Chris Attewell-Hughes

      Hi guys,


      Is there there a way to see where filters have been applied in NPrinting 17.4/June?


      I want to be able to see at the filter level rather than by having to go into every report and task.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Lech Miszkiewicz



          NPrinting interface does not provide this information.


          If you really want to create some kind of tool to see what is used and where... you would have to connect to postgres NPrinting DB (details here: NPrinting Repository Database - Name ) and create a queries or simply an Qlik app.


          Database is "sort of" self explanatory as it has tables like:

          • app
          • filter
          • filter_to_entities_report
          • filter_to_recipient
          • filter_to_reportetc...etc


          You can build an application in QlikView or QlikSense which will read this repository and show you informations the way you want it.


          see attached example of Qlik Sense App - this is just a quick app stiched together to show you what more/less you can do:







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