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    Vlookup and matching help

    Joshua Russin

      From here down is what I am trying to get from the excel sheet.

      I am trying to upload the raw file here and get the results that I need

      PO Product Batch, needs to be created in both sheets (eWM and ECC)

      The result is a column that shows the lead time

      (eWM)   "PO Product Batch" = "Purchase Order" & ' ' & Product & ' ' & Batch

      (ECC)   "PO Product Batch" = "Purchase Order" & ' ' & Material & ' ' & Batch

      (ECC)   In excel, define name for "PO Product Batch" and "Posting Date", call it ECCPO

      (eWM)   Create a new column called "ECC Posting"

      (eWM)   VLOOKUP in this column (=vlookup("PO Item Batch column", ECCPO, 2, false)

           this pulls in ECC posting date for each PO Item Batch combo

      Format to date field

      (eWM)   Add "Lead Time" column = sum(networkdays("Putaway Date (Act.)"- "ECC Posting"

      Attached is a raw file within the app and the excel with the correct data

      Can anyone please help me with this?