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    Qlik sense Geo-analytics Country and City Hierarchy required




      We are using qlik sense geo-analytics and we want to provide the list of countries and cities hierarchy (used by Qlik Geo-analytics) to our client. We want to create an app where client can search country and respective cities.


      We are integrating geo-analytics maps in our web application and, in our portal we have functionality where client has to know that what is the exact city name which qlik is using so that can come on map as bubble.

      e.g. There is one city 'Iasi' in Romania country. But that is not appearing on map. We have googled a lot and came to know that google map is using 'Iași' (there is special character in city name) and that is appearing on qlik map as well.

      So we just wanted to have easy way to find out what hierarchy qlik is using.

      Any suggestions and solution will be appreciated.

      Email: solanki.dilip978@gmail.com

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