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    Create generic object containing all fields

    Marco Hamacher

      Hi everyone,


      I am now trying to create a generic object in my mashup that containes all data of the current app.

      The background is, that I want to provide a generic data export function independent of the current app and without knowledge of the apps contents.


      The export part already works, what I need is a possibility to create an object (or table) containing all fields available in the current app.

      I tried the createTable method:

      app.createTable(["FirstName", "LastName"], ["Count(Case Id)"],{rows:200});

      But I could not figure out how to pass all fileds in the first argument. I also tried createGenericObject but I could not find a comprehensive list of arguments that can be passt to initialProperties or qDimension or qDef.

      (By the way, is there such a thing as a comprehensive list of arguments that can be passed to lists or genericObjects? I find the help page / API to be quite verbose and incoherent).

      I am glad for any input on both Issues.