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    Converting Qlikview to QlikSense Apps using the conversion tool

    Gavin Kite

      I've been trying to convert a really basic Qlikview document (QVW) into a Qlik Sense app and have not been having much success

      The tool reports no issues  and there are no issues highlighted on the unconverted objects tab but when I open my Qlik Sense App, there are no sheets.


      All of the data is there and there are even Master Dimensions and Measures but no actual sheets with visualisations / chart objects. Its nothing too complicated either, just a couple of line charts


      I'm using Qlikview V12.10, Qlik Sense desktop V3.2 which according to the help , are both ok compatibility wise.

      I've attached a small app that I've been playing with below

      Any ideas what I'm missing?