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    "Set Analysis" in Load Script

    Bob Caplan

      Hello Everyone,


      I am basically trying to recreate set analysis in my load script. I have different types of "Goal_Types" that I need to base the output on.

      The set analysis that I use for visualizations is:


      sum({<Goal_Type={4}>} Goal)

      This gives me a value where goal type is 4.


      I need to get this into the load script so it only brings in rows where the goal is less than 30% of the actual. I got around this before by only loading in Goal_Type 4, and using this:


      WHERE event/Goal <.3


      Now I have to bring in 2 more Goal_Types (7 & 8), so I need to base the logic off of the different types. I need something like this:


      WHERE event/(sum({<Goal_Type={4}>} Goal))<.3

      OR ((sum({<Goal_Type={8}>} Goal)) - (sum({<Goal_Type={7}>} Goal))) > 0


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer,