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    Do you create a subset of data using preceding or resident load?

    Matthew Paxman



      I'm still very new to this so maybe I'm thinking about this in the wrong way, or maybe I'm just not understanding the syntax or logic needing to be applied to Preceding and/or Resident loading.


      My issues is that I have about ~300 rows loaded from an excel sheet that are essentially:


      Name  |    Status_Now    |    Status_LastMonth    |    Status_Last2Month
      "ABC"            "Green"                  "Amber"                            "Red"

      "DEF"            "Green"                  "Green"                            "Green"



      What I'd like to do is manipulate this data so I can show a stacked bar chart of the total number of Green/Amber/Reds over the last 3 months.


      Do you do that manipulation via a resident load after the initial load of the excel data?


      EDIT: I guess the more pressing concern is how do I make any visualisation dynamically recognise that Status_Now/Status_LastMonth/Status_Last2Month mean Month(Today())/Month(Today())-1/Month(Today())-2, respectively?