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    Powerpoint Native Chart Date dimension is not getting formatted

    Rakul Alagu


      I m trying to create a power point native chart using a straight table of Qlikview. Below are steps done but the Date field is displayed as number eg 42490, instead of 30-Apr-16. The  data is formatted to display in dd-MMM-yy format in Qlikview and tried several options like unchecking source format.


      1.Added the chart as Table

      2. Include Date and Qty fields from Table into Powerpoint Chart.




        • Re: Powerpoint Native Chart Date dimension is not getting formatted
          Lech Miszkiewicz

          Hi Rakul -

          1. If you just want a very quick fix you may want to prefix in QlikView your date field with Text function, like: Text(Date (yourdate,'DD-MMM-YY')). Converting this value to text should change its formatting so when you move numbers to temporary excel when you building PPT charts they will remain the same
          2. Second more elegant option would be by (i find it difficult to work with though, because i am not MsOffice expert):
            1. when creating temporary excel file for PPT chart you would have to:
              1. disable keep source format
              2. apply new format on cells in excel to format numbers to dates

          Hope this helps




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