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    Qlik Sense - How to count no of tickets that have passed resolution target

    Marvin Gonzales



      I want to count the no of tickets that have broken SLA but I seem to be missing something as I can't seem to break it down to the following and all have the same count of tickets.


      • SLA Expired - Count({$<active={'TRUE'},[SLA Due]={"<0"},sys_class_name={'Incident'}>}number)
      • SLA Due - 1 Day - Count({$<active={'TRUE'},[SLA Due]={"<0"},sys_class_name={'Incident'}>}number)
      • SLA Due - 3-5 Days - Count({$<active={'TRUE'},[SLA Due]={">3<5"},sys_class_name={'Incident'}>}number)


      Measures Created:


      • SLA Expired
      • SLA Due - 1 Day
      • SLA Due 3 -5 Days



      • active - Derived from table field (TRUE=Open Tickets / FALSE=Closed Tickets)
      • number - Derived from table field (Ticket or Case No.)
      • sys_class_name - Derived from table field contains ticket type (Incident/Problem/Request)
      • SLA Due - Dimension created in Master Item
        • =Floor([[ref_incident.u_sla_due_on])- Floor(Today())


      Any assistance will be much appreciated.