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    QlikView Filter

    Eden Harson

      Hello community,


      I have a problem with QlikView.


      I have a table, with


      Dimension: =ValueList('A','B','C','D')


      And 4 expressions :


      Janv : if(ValueList('A','B','C','D')='A',Sum({<Month={'janv.'}>}Nb_files))


      Fev : if(ValueList('A','B','C','D')='A',Sum({<Month={'févr.'}>}Nb_files))


      Mars : if(ValueList('A','B','C','D')='A',Sum({<Month={'mars'}>}Nb_files))


      Avr : if(ValueList('A','B','C','D')='A',Sum({<Month={'avr.'}>}Nb_files))



      What I would like to do is display only in the table the data of the months less than or equal to the selected month.


      For example : if I select the month of Mars, in the table the data of Janv, Fev, Mars AND empty on Avr.

      Attached my qlikview file.


      Thank you in advance for your help.

      (I'm sorry for my English, I don’t speak English very well)