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    Qlik Sense Cloud. Chart error mssg: Data contains negative or zero values

    Neale Forth

      Hi Qlik Community,


      I have this error in many charts now - I think I must have some basic miss understanding of a principle.......really hope you can help.


      Example I have a pie chart and want to display no. of Projects in each Sector - for Projects of type "Pre-Construction".


      So I have my pie chart set up with :


      Dimension = Sector.


      Measure = count({$<[Project Type]={"Pre-Construction"}>} [CRM Number])


      and it displays the error ,mssg "the data set contains negative of zero values........."


      If I just use  =Count([CRM Number]) as the measure, I don't get the error message.  So its something to do with when I add the condition selecting Pre-construction projects only......


      I have double checked that the data set does not contain zero/blank values and also the integers etc, etc.


      Can any one help / explain ?


      Many thanks,