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    how to extract data for only current data fiscal year

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

               i need to extra only current fiscal year data, what i mean is ,i got a field called FISCYEAR (which was in string i converted it in to numeric by using Num# function Num#(FISCYEAR) as FISCYEAR )) from source,which has values like







      now i need to write a conditon while extracting such that if (FISCYEAR  = todays  fiscal year then extract else show null values)

      for example if i do a  reload on 31/03/2018 then i need to get FISCYEAR=2018 data ony  and then

                  if i reload on 01/04/2018 then i need to get FISCYEAR=2019 data only ,if  data is present   then extract data else show null values



      i tried this  where FISCYEAR=year(date(today()));

      but it is throwing error



      Any suggestion plz