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    Changing the Qlik Sense Repository database password

    Ali Azizi

      HI guys


      I'm trying to take backup of our Qlik Sense Repository database according to the guidlines from qlik in Qlik.Help. But everytime after entering the the database password in the CMD command I get an error message saying the password is wrong.


      So I tried to change the password, even though I'm pretty sure that the password is correct. Using the article "Changing the repository database user password" in Qlik.Help I stop all qlik services and then change the authentication mode in the configuration settings (pg_hba.conf) to allow the password to be changed.


      After that I need to start the Qlik Sense Repository Database again and then change tha password, but here I get an error when try to start the repository database service:



      And therefore I'm not able to change the password or take backup of the database. Do you have any idea why it happens?


      Thank you in advance

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          Eric Delorme



          I recently experienced this exact issue so I thought i'd post to help anyone else who might run into it. The instructions say to change the method from MD5 to TRUST. In the windows logs I found that it could not load the pg_hba.conf file after making this change. If I changed the word 'TRUST' from upper case to 'trust' lower case then the file loaded and I was able to restart the services and proceed to change the password. Hope that helps.