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    null values

    sriram s

      Hello All,


      I have a expression like data_2.jpg


      IF([ABC Indicator]='A',IF(COUNT([Batch ID])>=20,1,1-fabs((20-COUNT([Batch ID]))/20)),IF([ABC Indicator]='C',IF(COUNT([Batch ID])<=12,1,1-fabs((12-COUNT([Batch ID]))/12)),

      IF([ABC Indicator]='B',IF(COUNT([Batch ID])>24,1-fabs((24-COUNT([Batch ID]))/24),IF(COUNT([Batch ID])<11,1-fabs((11-COUNT([Batch ID]))/11),1)))))


      For certain batch id's the values of the expression is null . How to eliminate the null values in the table.



      Can any one please suggest me how to eliminate the null symbol