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    Filtering Autocalendar dates with Set analysis

    Jorge Sanchez

      Hi everyone,


      I have been looking for this particular question but I have found nothing.


      I have a date filter in the field "fecha_act". But this filter is done by means of autocalendar (YearMonth) so the expresion is:


      So when filtered this is what I see:


      What I want to achieve is to create a line-chart with "=[fecha_act.autoCalendar.YearMonth]" as the dimension, but with measures not affected by the filter so, no matter the filter, I want to see the whole time line

      I have used this Set analysis expression in the measure: Avg({$<[fecha_act.autoCalendar.YearMonth] =>}avance)

      but the chart shows the results filtered by that date.

      linea afectada por tiempo.JPG

      Any clues?


      Thank you in advance!