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    Customized chart

    vivek pv

      Hi Experts,

      I have report like below which is developed in some other tool. I want to replicate same kind of visualization in Qlik Sense..




      The above on looks like Funnel chart. as we don't have funnel chart in Qlik Sense, I done with Extension which is available in Qlikbranch.

      if you observe closely there are two values involved in that one is COUNT which is Orange bar and the other is Percentage White bar.

      but with Funnel chart extension we can add only one Dimension and one Measure only.


      Can any one help me how to achieve this?

      Aslo, if you observe the above image the third bar is having grey colour indicating that  the value is decreased.


      Below is the out put which I got using Funnel chart



      Can any one help me in achieving this? if not what could be the alternative in showcasing this? any HTML or Java ?