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    Creating New Field in Data Load Editor

    Alison Cooke

      Hello Everyone,


      I would like your help.


      I have some sample data which is very simple, it looks like so:


      Person 1Question 11
      Person 2Question 12
      Person 1Question 21
      Person 2Question 22
      Person 3Question 12
      Person 3 Question 22


      In the data load editor, I want to make a new field called 'Result' which has two field values 'False' and 'Correct'.

      I have tried to do so in the Data Load Editor using this script:





      if([Question]='Question 1' AND [Answer]='1', 'Correct',

      if([Question]='Question 1' AND [Answer]='2', 'False',

      if([Question]='Question 2' AND [Answer]='1', 'False',

      if([Question]='Question 2' AND [Answer]='2', 'Correct'))))

      as [Result]


      This, however, does not work.

      In the data model viewer, the result is this:

      Screenshot (98).png


      Correct and False are found in a field called Result, but they don't have a relationship with the other fields.


      What can I do to solve this.


      Thank you all in advance,