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    Sort by expression to place same month different year together

    Wayne Antinore

      Hi, I have a barchart on two dimensions, an order date and and order source. 

      The order date is a master item defined as follows:  =Date(Monthstart(Received),'MMM-YY')  The field "Received" is a datetime field.

      I have the sort defined on the master item numerically and it sorts as expected in date order.Orders by source.JPG


      There are instances where someone may want to compare this year to last year or even multiple years for a particular month  I can't add year as another dimension so I wanted to make a version that sorted in a way that would group the months together.  I thought I could just take my existing chart and sort by expression but I've tried many different things and I cannot get it to do this.   Thanks in advance for any suggestions.