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    Does not extract some objects in NPrinting

    Julio César Torres García


      good morning

      I need your help

      I am trying to do some reports in NPrinting 17.3.0 and I could already make the connection with QlikSense Server.

      But the moment I'm going to extract the objects from the image form I'm looking for the object of my graphics by ID, the problem arises when I look for some graph or report by ID and is not in the extraction of the objects once they are already I generate the connection with the app that I want to make the reports.



      Why not show some objects from the app that was extracted?



      Nprinting recognizes ex-tensions?



      Is it a role that does not have the user activated with which I want to do the NPrinting side reports?



      Please help

      Thank you

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          Carlos Silva

          NPrinting 17 doesn't work with extensions, NPrinting June 2017 is working with extensions





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              Julio César Torres García

              But then why when I design my report in power point and I want to extract the objects as image does not recognize my graphics or reports? The connection to the app is correct and the graphs that do not recognize me are not extensions were created normal in QlikSense?



              Will not have to do with user safety in NPrinting?

              I do not know how to solve this issue

              Please help

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                  Lech Miszkiewicz

                  What type of "out of the box" visualisations are missing? Charts? Tables?


                  NPrinting supports only BASE SHEETS so maybe you have created your own Sheet  (MY SHEETS) as a user and then you have Published it to Community Sheets. Those will not be visible!!!


                  Can you go to hub and tell whether you are expecting to see objects from BASE SHEETS (like the one from section which i left uncrossed)?









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                Julio César Torres García

                Hello Lech Miszkiewicz

                I started to investigate and NPrinting 3.0 does not recognize extensions, what happens is that I connect an application of sense that its graphs contains extensions, then when I started to create the reports in format power point, at the moment of extracting the objects with the ID it turned out that it did not list the extensions that contained the application did not show them. But I had to upgrade and install the new version NPrinting June 2017, everything is fine, but the application that I am connecting has section Access, then generate the connection by selecting the checkbox Apply user section access for reports, and the connection if it generates it But when I click the Verify connection button, it marks me an error that is: The "Identity" is a Windows domain user. But that does not prevent generating the connection, the connection is generated well. Now I mention that in Section Access of the application that I am connecting I had to register the user of nprinting with the administrator permissions, because previously I was not allowed to make the connection once the user was registered or was assigned in the Section access from the scripting, allowed me to generate the connection. So far the problem arises when I design the report and I recognize the extensions, but when I give it a preview, it sends me an error box and it no longer allows me to visualize the report, but this happens only with an extension because if I put Another extension in the design that extension if you allow me to visualize. Then there is where my problem arises and then I do not know what I have to do to be able to solve this problem and to allow me to visualize the report with that extension, I will place some images with the errors that generate me, I hope they can help me and sorry for writing A lot of text is necessary to explain to them in detail what they did so that they can have some idea of what is causing me these errors.



                Thanks for your time


                This is my connection


                This is the error that tells me, but if I generate the connection:


                Here it indicates that the connection was generated correctly


                Here I am generating the report with the extension and at the moment of clicking preview it shows the following error:


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                    Lech Miszkiewicz

                    Few Questions:


                    When building NPrinting PowerPoint Template where is NPrinting designer installed?

                    • on your laptop? - If yes - then is your user part of section access and you can access this application with your user credentials?
                    • on the NPrinting server? - If yes - who are you login as? Is this account part of section access?

                    It looks like the user you are logged in when building template does not exist in section access table in Qlik Sense