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    Help with Qlick view bookmarks in Nprinting

    Vijay Kumar Chanakayala

      Hi ,

      I am new to Qlik and also to the N printing. I was told that Qlik view bookmarks can be used in N printing , but when I try to do so I am facing lot of issues .  Is it because I have lot of bookmarks ? I am trying to automate  a report which is manually generated as of now.

      The report now is in PPT , I am using excel to create the graphs and populating the data using the bookmarks from qlikview and uploading the excel N printing . Is there any other way you suggest I should follow? your help on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          Ruggero Piccoli



          Please remember to always specify witch version of Qlik NPrinting are you using when you post a question in the community. This will help people to better understand your question and give you the right answer. Thanks.


          QlikView bookmarks are supported by Qlik NPrinting 16.* serie and earlier, but they are not supported by Qlik NPrinting 17.* at the moment (June 2017). This support could be added in a future release.



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            Vijay Kumar Chanakayala

            Hi guys , Thanks a lot for your replies. One more question I have is -  I want to get trained on N printing and I am looking for class room training , I stay in Bangalore India. Can you suggest me how can I go about it ?


            Thanks a lot once again . I really appreciate your help




            Vijai Kumaar