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    How to limit Pseudo MDX results based on Measure

    Salik Khan


      I have an auto generated MDX query using SAP OLAP connector. I want to fetch only the materials which have 0 quantities on the date defined. The query wizard does not allow me to do that and I have tried to add 'Filters' component to the generated query to no avail. Is there a way to achieve the desired?



      Select PseudoMDX (

      Dimensions (

        [0MATERIAL] (),

        [0MATERIAL__0MATL_TYPE] (),

        [0PLANT] (),

        [0STOR_LOC] (),

        [0WBS_ELEMT] (),

        [0CALDAY] ([20CALDAY]),

        [0CALMONTH] (),

        [0CALYEAR] ()),

      Measures (

        [ER7BAVBI1ZMD757MA77IZOT1O].[EXLHQV7A64UDMNRAX6C3INQJ0], //Quantity Total Stock

        [ER7BAVBI1ZMD757MA77IZOT1O].[ETC1G7A3FDD1CBE6HUX1U0G7G], //ValStockValue

        [ER7BAVBI1ZMD757MA77IZOT1O].[EVGRLJ8OSR3PHHKQPIMKOC3D8]), //Valuated stock qty

      Slices (



      From (ZIC_C03/QREP_QV_STOCK_04))



      Will really appreciate any help!