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    Show only products which have Min Sales in all country columns

    Matthias Stoehr

      Dear All,

      Am trying to create a chart with Product NO, Total Sales (only for products which have SalesPcs greater or equal to/than Variable "MinCount" in ALL 3 global regions) - if I say set the MinCount variable to 1 (input box) , the chart should show only products which have in all 3 Regional columns minimum 1 pcs sold - the chart should show then the ProductNo, the Total of the Sums of the 3 columns, and the Sum of pcs sold in each region (column).

      Dim = ProductNO, Expression = TotalPcs, Asia, Europe, Middle East


      As expression for TotalNo I have: Sum({<Region= {"Asia"}, Region= {"Europe"}, Region= {"Middle East"}, SaPcs ={">=$(MinCount)"}>}SaPcs)

      and for Asia: Sum({<Region= {"Asia"}, SaPcs= {">=$(MinCount)"}>}SaPcs) (same for the other 2 regions)

      But I just get the totals as above and not the rows with bestseller products?

      Any help would be highly appreciated


      Thank you very much