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    Re: Change Qlik Sense Hub Address or URL

    Ganesh Shanbhag

      Hi Toni,


      Thanks for your solution I succesfully changed the url by changing host and domain name in my machine.


      Is there any way we can change the url without changing domain of the server where qliksense is installed.


      Actually we have installed qliksense in server where the host and domain name is e.g https:\\abc.xyz.com\hub

      Now client is asking us to change the url of hub

      E.g https:\\abc.pqr.com\hub


      It is not possible for them to change the domain name of server  , and we cannot give access to the external users through internet using the old url (https:\\abc.xyz.com)


      Is there any way we can redirect external users to this old url (https:\\abc.xyz.com\hub)


      Please help