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    Number Format // amCharts extension

    Johann Bauer

      Hello Guys,

      I have a question about formating a number. Im using this expression to format my number into a specific format.


      This works fine in all Qlik Sense visualizations.

      Im currently using amCharts extension, to create a waterfall viz.

      2017-08-22 10_22_56-AsBorder.png


      As you can see in the picture above, my start Value has the wrong format.

      I tried using the expression i posted above, but it looks like the start Value isnt affected by this expression.

      This is how the settings look like.

      The Number format for the "Position" works fine, but i dont have an option to change it for the start Value of the Waterfall.

      Because of that i tried to us the above stated expression.


      Is there a way a can manipulate the extension to get the right number format?

      This is the code which is used for the Item" Waterfall Start"


          var waterfallStart = {

              type: "number",  

              label: "Start value for waterfall",

              ref: "qDef.waterfall.start",

              expression: "always",

              defaultValue: 0,

              show: function(m) {

                  return m.qDef.amGraph.type == 'Waterfall';