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    Mapping date and duration in Call Log Data(QlikSense)

    Amuktha Chakilam

      Hi all,


      I am working on a small project that analyzes call data.


      I've issues mapping the call duration from the call log data to the price table to obtain the revenue earned (Revenue column in CallData table) .


      A unique phone# is assigned to each company. If a call is made using phone#1 ( for company A) on any date from 1/2/2017 and before 1/5/2017 and duration is >= 20 sec then the revenue should be 5$. From 1/5/2017 on wards the call duration has to be >= 30 sec to earn 5$ till 2/2/2017 where again the call duration has been updated. Please help me in writing a script to generate the Revenue column.


      Please find the attached data files.


      I appreciate any help with this.