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    Incomplete pictures

    Eldred Guevara

      Incomplete pictures



      I have a problem to take as images 3 objects, two of them are pivot tables and the third is a simple table, at the moment of going to preview shows me the cut images, and stretch the images more in qlikview (source), but still So they are trimmed that I can do to solve this error.





      I'm working with PixelPerfect


      So are the objects in my source.









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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          This is very unpredictable, especialy when using pivot tables. Your source table will shrink or expand and you usually have no controll over it.


          My suggestion is to play with size of the page of PixelPerfect sheet as opposed to trying to resize image. Resizing image will not solve issue.

          Make sure you allow enough space to export image in its original resolution an chart size (keep in mind that QlikVIew Pivot table chart) may have set size by disabling "Size to Data" option on Layout Properties and setting custom size in Caption Propierties.

          Once you go past this step drag and drop your image on your PixelPerfect sheet and see how much bigger you need to make your sheet in order to fit your image.(maybe reduce margins if required)


          On the other hand - why pictures? Cant you build object (pixel perfect table) to do what you want?




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            samrat gupta

            Hi Eldred,


            can i have the qv app??


            So that I'll try to give any solution.






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              Ruggero Piccoli

              PxP Image Sizing.png

              I would to suggest you to set the Sizing option of the image you imported in PixelPerfect report.



              Best Regards,



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                samrat gupta

                Hi Eldred,


                Have you tried the Size property ?

                In Size property, change that from Normal to Auto-Size.



                Hope it works..