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    Two-stage architecture-one to one data model ?

    Ali Bouderbala

      Hi experts,


      I want to develop my QV applications based on a two- stage architecture , so what are the different steps i mean :


      in this special case i will have different data sources , i will have many application with a one to one data model ,  and i want to transform this sources into QVD with the QVW (QVD generator) and store it  , and use a second QVW (or more ) as a presentation layer wich use the set of QVDS extracted.


      Sorry if i didn't specify my questions , so i want ton know first:


      how to build this QVD generator?( details if possible) ,


      Do i need only one or more to generate my QVD's(for multiple data sources)  ?


      Is there a best practice to build the tree structure to store (QVD's) and DATA sources? if yes how to do it?


      What is the method used or best method to respect the graphic chart of an enterprise (color codes etc..) ?



      thanx a lot for your answers.