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    QlikSense Server (June 2017) Map Object dimension problem

    Richard Simpson

      Hi Everyone & mto

      Following on from the latest video (https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-6941) from Michael Tarallo which shows how the Map object works in QlikSense June 2017 WITHOUT the need for a KML file...


      I have an issue that loading a City field into my app when running QLikSense Desktop and then plotting those cities in the map object works fine...

      But when I import the app to QlikSense Enterprise Server (still the June 2017 version) the map object doesn't work?

      The message is simply that the dimension called "City" is invalid.

      I have tried creating a new map object in the hub on the server and then dragging the field city onto it, but it will not accept it as a dimension.


      Could it be that the MAP doesn't work in the same way in QlikSense Enterprise Server (compared to QS Desktop) and still requires a KML file? (I understand that not needing a KML file is a very recent addition to the functionality of QlikSense which is something Mike Tarallo covered in his latest map video). But I can see the auto-generated script has tried to generate the tables _cityAliasesBase and _cityGeoBase.


      Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.




      Richard Simpson