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    How to restrict the colour in the Straight Table for Specific rows??


      Hi Qlik Experts,

      I have created a Qliksense dashboard by using Straight table,In which specific row are coloured based on rowtype dimension,

      But after selection of filters colour of the same rows are disappearing and by default colour assigned to the alternative records are displaying for all rows,how to overcome such issue,I have to keep constant "white" colour for Blank Rows and I have placed Blank rows with spaces for avoiding zeros in the same rows but after filter selection Zeros are occurring in the Blank rows,Im using following expression for BG-colour ;

      i.e.. for E.g. Actual field , expression for BG-colour is






      PFB screenshot for more details:


      1. Before filter selection:



      2. After Filter Selection:Blank rows colour changes white to grey and Zeros are appearing in blanks rows;


      Grey Blank.PNG


      Thanks & Regards,

      Ranjit Kakade.


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