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    Generate report fail using Nprinting

    Batter Mo

      I created a report using Npriting and Qlik Sense.

      The report with third part extension (Qwidget).


      My Qlik Sense version is 2017 June 11.11

      My Nprinting version 17.4.

      When preview or run the report task. Error as following.


      Failed report generation for report c9b2ca9d-37c2-411b-8de6-e08e16e07262 user f2f358ed-617c-404f-a569-b7f6b1c43b5c exception Qlik.Reporting.Reports.Tree.Exceptions.FailedReportException: Report generation failed. Error in node of type Qlik.Reporting.Reports.Tree.Template.ImageNode for request 0d332f33-e715-4bbe-807f-ae242eadda31 CefSharp Exception. Remote code could not be executed, error: The operation was canceled.. Failed object: O\RFUgFL Template id: RFUgFL, template level: root Request filter: Filters: [], Bookmark: , Void: False at Qlik.Reporting.Reports.Tree.Template.TemplateLeafNode`5.ApplyFailure(FailureContentNodeResponse response, TcTransformationContext transformationCtx) at Qlik.Printing.Trees.TcTransformation.ApplyResponse(IContentNodeResponse response) at Qlik.Printing.TreeTransformationService.Process(IReportRequest reportRequest, IContentNodeResponse contentNodeResponse)