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    Clients Cloud Business Account closed for no reason

    Robert Hutchings



      Ive been trying to get a client to use cloud business for about 6 months. they initially tried the cloud plus over a year back and it was not good back then so decided not to go ahead. They instead used the personal edition with the aim to swap to the cloud when it was working well. But they tried and kept cloud plus


      They finally recently agreed to give Cloud business a go after I ensured them the issues had been worked out. They signed up but cloud plus was automatically cancelled with the business upgrade. they signed up for three licenses to try it out. I developed another 2 Apps. The users were super impressed


      But now the account has been terminated with no reason given (after the two week trial). They have tried ringing but can't get through. Maybe there is a glitch in the system where QLIK cancels cloud plus and also Cloud Business after 2 weeks. They need these Apps back. I set them up on the cloud and didn't back up all of them (just one but not the final version)


      Can someone please help on this. Needless to say the client is not impressed. No warning or anything just cut off. And no way to contact anyone (they tried ringing a UK number but no response after 45 minutes)



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          Robert Hutchings

          Ok I finally got through and have been given a support number


          But I still feel QLIK need to look at this. My client has both his PLUS account and business account closed without asking. And with no prior notification

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            Melissa Spires

            Hi Robert,


            Thanks for your continued support of Qlik and Qlik Cloud!


            It seems that there are a few issues going on to investigate:

            1) Cloud Plus should not be automatically canceled if a customer signs up for Qlik Sense Cloud Business.  You can have both accounts at the same time.

            2) The Qlik Sense Cloud Business Account should not have been terminated with no notification


            I will send you an email directly to get more information so we can troubleshoot.

            CloudSuccess@qlik.com is a distribution list that reaches our Global Cloud Success Team, please feel free to use and pass this email to your client for anything that comes up going forward.


            Warm regards,


            Melissa Spires

            Manager - Global Cloud Success Team


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                Robert Hutchings

                Thanks Melissa


                We are both a bit concerned that we might have lost all the work I have done. So the technical side is trying to get the Apps back


                I usually back everything up regardless myself but just did it once with one App. So hopefully they can be recovered. But its a good reminder for me. Back up at least daily when doing App development


                Its good to know that a business user can keep cloud plus. I want to keep the cost down to begin with but expose lots of users to QLIK and almost do away with Excel reports. Rather than having a few using QLIK and the rest getting Excel reports

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                Michael Tarallo

                Hi Robert - I made this viable to the cloud team - however please send stuff like this using the feedback menu option in the Qlik Sense Cloud Business interface as well.


                When applicable please mark the appropriate replies as CORRECT. This will help community members and Qlik Employees know which discussions have already been addressed and have a possible known solution. Please mark threads as HELPFUL if the provided solution is helpful to the problem, but does not necessarily solve the indicated problem. You can mark multiple threads as HELPFUL if you feel additional info is useful to others.




                Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter


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                    Robert Hutchings

                    Hi Michael


                    Thanks for this.


                    My client is not happy 


                    Can I suggest that it needs to be made more obvious how to log issues like this. He lost his cloud business completely and tried ringing and couldn't get through. Then when he did was told he must have cancelled it. and the Apps couldn't be recovered when cancelled (I ensured him that this surely is not the case but wasn't entirely sure)


                    But now it is back up so I'm about to download all the Apps as it is about to be cancelled again in two days. Then he will need to set up a new Work-space etc. That is not an issue as only two are using at present.


                    What I suggest is

                    • Make it clear how to log support calls (option button)
                    • A say two day warning before a business account is deleted / suspended
                    • Even if it is deleted / suspended (say due to credit card issues) its easy to reinstate the account. Maybe an email with instructions on how to reinstate. Or the business account is still visible but not usable. It should be as easy as pay the balance due and it will automatically be reinstated


                    As it is it was time consuming and a worry and we now need to down-load and re-upload. This is not an issue but could be if say 50 user are using the work-space


                    But thanks for anything you can do on this. My view is cloud business is a complete joy to use. And get these few issues sorted and it will be the business. Much better than the competition from what I have seen

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                    Sarah Kohler

                    Hi Robert,


                    From time to time, we see the behavior you describe and it is related to credit card renewals in our transaction system.  This will happen if the card expires and is not updated, if a bank denies the transaction, or in some cases, bank security processes require additional confirmation the charge is valid, but the follow up actions are not taken.  When the credit card is not charged, the accounts automatically move into a cancellation workflow.  Since both subscriptions experienced the same unexpected cancellation, we suspect this was the source of the problems.


                    We are also following up with additional Support enablement since it appears that not all our staff have the most up to date information in order to help our customers through these types of issues.  Thank you for raising this to our attention and for your patience and loyalty with Qlik.




                    Sarah Kohler

                    Director, Product Management, Qlik Cloud