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    Import Recipient Information From Two Sources

    Scott Holcomb



      I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to update recipient filter information from two different source. I have one recipient import task that populates recipient and filter information. I have another data source that has the same information except for two other fields that I need to add from that QVW to the filters. I would like to import from this second document and just added two more values to each of the filters.


      Import 1: Create recipient data and a filter with two fields

      Import 2: Add two new field values to each of the filters already created

      Result: Recipient data from import 1 and filter data from import 1 and import 2


      Reports are being delivered from two data sources in the same distribution, so I need to be able to apply the filters to each of the documents. There's currently no option to combine the QVWs.


      Any help would be appreciated.