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    How do I make the equivalent of QV's Preceding Load in SQL?

    Julio Arriaga

      I will make some SQL experts cringe with this question, sorry ; I am self-taught and a rookie in QV and SQL.

      So, I want to thank everybody in advance for the help.

      I learned recently the use of QV's preceding loads. I need to do something similar to a QV's preceding load in a SQL query but I can't get my head around it.

      This is the query I'm trying to do (code and image). Basically I'm trying to do the total count of records of a select grouped of records, but it marks me the following error in the Teradata SQL Assistant (image 2):


      select count(*)

      from (select Producto_ID, count(Producto_ID)


                where 1=1

                and EntidadLegal_ID='191'

                and Tipo_Producto_ID='1'

                group by Producto_ID

                having count(Producto_ID)>1


      (image 1)


      (image 2)