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    Secondary (and/or Alternate) Dimension as Legend

    Justin McPheeters



      Attached is a sample app that demonstrates the issue I'm having. I'm on Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 1.


      In the past we've put legends into out visualizations to help users understand the colors, but with this release there are a few issues.


      • When choosing automatic colors and showing the legend title, fields with spaces in their name automatically have brackets surrounding the field name rather than it showing the title defined in the Data section of the visualization like it used to.
        • This isn't a huge issue if your legend is to stay static, because you can siwtch off automatic colors and set your colors to go by dimension, and choose the desired field. When doing it this way, the brackets can be removed and/or an alternate name can be used for that field.
        • However, when the legend is supposed to change based on the second dimension in the chart, you have to select automatic colors. (I'm going to test if GetObjectField() possibly works here)
      • When automatic colors is enabled and you switch the alternate dimension, the legend does not update to the newly selected field as it used to. It shows the original field and the values that are applicable (if any).
        • This is a huge issue because it means that I can no longer have a legend tied to a field that might be switched up with an alternate dimension.


      Any help with this issue would be much appreciated. I can provide screenshots of what happens, but wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this issue.


      Best regards,