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    Memory Utilization limit for QDS service?

    Sanchayan Bhowmik

      Hi everyone,


      In one of our environments we are noticing that even when a single task is getting reloaded on one node its consuming large amount of memory as well as CPU resource. The QDS nodes have 256GB RAM and 20 cores. Thus whenever 4-5 tasks are assigned to reload one the same node, some of them are failing. The max. number of QVBs for distribution though is set as 6 for this environment.


      So what I need to know is that :

      1. What can be the issue behind it?


      2. Is there any way by which we can limit the amount of memory or CPU resource that can be allocated for QDS service? Like we have CPU Throttle and Working Set Limits for QVS service.



      Thanks & Regards,

      Sanchayan Bhowmik