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    Multi Nodes Qlik Sense - Shared persistence

    idriss BENBASSOU

      Hi All,


      Lets say we have a Multi Nodes Qlik Sense Production environment using shared persistence with 4 nodes :


      - Central (Database and the file shared) + Proxy

      - 2 Engine nodes

      - 1 Scheduler node


      My questions are :


      1) Where will the files (QVDs and QVFs etc..) stored physically, they gonna be always stored in the central node (file shared) or also in the others nodes ?

      2) What we should do, if we want to add a DEV Node dedicated only for development ? and which services, he gonna use ?

      3) the repository service are present in every nodes or only in the central node ?

      4) it is advised to have always a dedicated proxy node in a medium deployment or it's not necessary ?

      5) Can we have more then 8 nodes ?