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    Inconsistent return from PixelPerfect

    Sem Lemmers



      I'm working on a 'quick' POC based on some training data. It is about the # of calls and duration of calls per person/department. I'm using Nprinting 17.4 and try to create a report in PixelPerfect


      The first problem I encounter is on the first page, where I expect a full table with the # of calls and duration of calls per department. All I get is just the first line of the table and no summary of the data, just question marks. I feel like I am doing something wrong here, but I can't figure it out. I've tried loading via tables and levels, different formats, summary by group or report and several other ideas.


      The second problem I encounter starts on the second page. There is no summary on the duration of calls, but on the fourth page it does appear. How does that happen? People here say it is a bug. Is it?



      Here's a screenshot of the pixelperfect project and I've attached the source file + output. I hope you can help me. The report as it is now, just contains elements from the Levels section.

      Here are some screenshots from the properties:


      First problem:


      Second problem:




      Thanks in advance.


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          Ruggero Piccoli



          I investigated only the first problem. Thanks for the screenshots and files.

          About the single row, I suppose you have a user or a report filter. Otherwise you see all rows as in my example attached.

          I'm quite sure you have a filter also because if you filter data by keeping only Finance on the first table the second will shows exactlly and only the data in your screenshoots in the second part of your post.


          I attached also my template. You can import it into a Qlik NPrinting September 2017 TP Qlik NPrinting September 2017 Technical Preview. You can install it in a testing environment. This is the first version that can import report templates.


          The column "Duration of calls" contains a decimal number formatted by QlikView. When you import it into PxP it doesn't know how to format it. This is the reason you see the format string HH:mm:ss.

          To solve I created a calculated field with the formula:

          Concat(PadLeft(Floor([Duration of calls]*24),2,'0'), ':',PadLeft(Floor(([Duration of calls]*24-Floor([Duration of calls]*24))*60),2,'0'), ':',PadLeft(Floor((([Duration of calls]*24-Floor([Duration of calls]*24))*60- Floor(([Duration of calls]*24-Floor([Duration of calls]*24))*60))*60),2,'0'))

          It converts and format the time as you want.

          To calculate the total and formatted it I created a second calculated field with the formula:

          Concat(PadLeft(Floor(sum([Duration of calls])*24),2,'0'), ':',PadLeft(Floor((sum([Duration of calls])*24-Floor(sum([Duration of calls])*24))*60),2,'0'), ':',PadLeft(Floor(((sum([Duration of calls])*24-Floor(sum([Duration of calls])*24))*60- Floor((sum([Duration of calls])*24-Floor(sum([Duration of calls])*24))*60))*60),2,'0'))

          Then I inserted both in the template.


          Based on how you created the second table I suppose the problem with totals is the same as before.



          Best Regards,



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              Sem Lemmers



              Thanks for your trouble. Unfortunately I'm not in the position to update the software, so I won't be able to import the template.

              That being said: I didn't mention this before, but all filters are deactivated and removed from the Nprinting project and users. I just created another report and the table generates as expected (as far as No of rows go). So I'll just leave it at that.


              Now I've tried your solution and I get a lot of different results. The first time it went fine (YAY!) but then (ahhwww) it went weird on me again:

              But still, I can't wrap my head around the fact that I can't simply choose the timeformat I want in the menu. Especially because at first I even could change the format from a am/pm notation to a 24h notation. Something changed along the way and I just don't know what.

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                Sem Lemmers

                Ok, here's something weird:


                I started the whole project from scratch. Still I get unexpected results. This is an example with your formulas:

                Without doing anything else than adding a new object to the report, I get this as a result:


                How did this happen?


                screenshot from PxP: