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    QLIK SENSE CLOUD - QVD File Store in Attached Files folder

    Neale Forth

      Hi QLIK Sense Cloud Community,


      I am trying to learn how to create/save data into DVD files. Am using the following script to generate some basic data to store in the users file QVD.




      userid, name

      1, Joe

      2, Mark

      3, Tim


      STORE users INTO [lib://AttachedFiles/users.qvd(QVD)]


      Am using the following script to retrieve the data and check its working :



      LOAD * FROM [lib://AttachedFiles/users.qvd(QVD)];


      However I get the error :

      The following error occurred:

      Cannot open file: 'lib://AttachedFiles/users.qvd(QVD)'

      The error occurred here:

      users: LOAD * FROM [lib://AttachedFiles/users.qvd(QVD)]


      I can't see the file in the AttachedFiles directory so Im guessing (?) thats the problem - however I dont get any error when I run the STORE command to generate the file ?


      I am using the CLOUD version not desk top.


      Any help much appreciated ....