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    Problem with listObjects and layout

    Fredrik Larsson

      I'm new to developing extensions, JavaScript , promises etc...


      In my extension I am creating x nbr of listObjects (specified in the property panel) using app.createList({...},function(reply) {....}).

      I do that since I have x number of lists and do not now how to set that up in initial properties. I know I can have multiple list definitions but I do not now how many I want from time to time. Is it possible to change initial properties "on the fly"?



      The first time Paint() is called I create my listobjects and make sure that they are not created the next time Paint() is called.

      I am able to do so and i recieve updates from the callback whenever things change. I store that new data and then call Paint() to regenerate my layout.  I can click in my lists and select things and everything is working as expected.


      At least until I move over to a different sheet and back again. It looks like Sense then creates a new DefaultView with a new .$scope.$id. (works the same way in horizontal list exampel so I guess that behaviour is correct)

      My layout is generated again as expected but if I click somewhere it will not be updated. Selections work and I can still see that callbacks delivers data to the original defaultview (Can see my print outs with .$scope.$id). The callbacks also trigger a Paint() of my old defaultview but that is not shown anywhere. Paint is not called on my new defaultview.


      Is it possible to set my old defaultview again? How would I access that?

      Can I get my new defaultview to listen to the callbacks I already set up and that is obviously still running in the background somewhere?


      Any ideas, suggestions or explanations?