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    Display Results based on Last Month

    Denis LOMAKIN

      Hi all,

      I have a pivot table that has Current donor status as a Row Dimension and Fiscal year, Fiscal Quarter and Fiscal Month as Column Dimension. The measure is number of donors, simple expression : count(distinct Donors). Please see screenshot below.Donor Status.JPG

      What I am trying to do is for each Fiscal Year instead of showing full year results to show only Last Month result for that Fiscal year and the same for Fiscal Quarter.

      What i did so far is created variable vMaxFiscalMonth = Max(FiscalMonth) and added it to expression:

      count({<FiscalMonth = {"=$(vMaxFiscalMonth)"}>} distinct Donors).

      But the result is still for full year instead of Last Month.If I hard code it, means put 12 instead of variable it works but I cannot hard code it as I need it to be adjusted according to Fiscal year and Fiscal Quarter.

      Can anyone let me what I am missing in my expression or any other solution?