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    Issue with Summing Values

    Alison Cooke

      Hello Everyone,


      I have the following issue.

      I have a data set that looks like this (I have blacked out some of it for reasons of privacy).

      Screenshot (100).png

      When loaded on Qlik, it looks like this:

      Screenshot (101).png

      The issue is that the Sum([Approved Budget]) should be giving a value of 216023. Instead, it gives a value of 1296138.


      I think I know why this is the case. It is because I have had to unpivot the table as the excel data is in a crosstable format.

      As such, there are more values in the approved budget column than there should be.

      I tried to remedy this problem using the distinct function. This, however, doesn't solve the issue because some of the line items have the same approved budget.


      Does anyone have an idea of how to solve this issue. I am a bit clueless as to what to do.