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    Create an accumulative line chart showing 2 measures

    Ozzie Boeuf



      I'm trying to work out how to create a cumulative line chart that displays 2 lines showing the running totals of jobs created and jobs closed over a date/time period.  The attached show 2 charts created by developers using another product.  I'm trying to replicate these same charts in Qlik Sense.


      A very small extract of my data set is as follows:


      Job_NumberJob CreatedJob ClosedJob Status
      2017-110027/04/2017 16:4227/04/2017 19:45Completed
      2017-110127/04/2017 16:45Open
      2017-110227/04/2017 16:4627/04/2017 17:50Completed
      2017-110327/04/2017 16:4627/04/2017 18:30Completed
      2017-110427/04/2017 16:4627/04/2017 22:00Completed
      2017-110527/04/2017 16:4928/04/2017 9:15Completed
      2017-110627/04/2017 16:55
      27/04/2017 16:55


      Any help and guidance here will certainly be appreciated.


      Thanks kindly.