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    Best way to build a compliance check list

    Rakesh Shah

      Hi Community,

      Wanted to get some thoughts (if anyone has done this) on the best way to build a compliance check list based on a bunch of criteria. I want to build out a scalable solution that won't required writing 1000 If statements. So for example if we take a look at computer hardware. I want a check to go through and say "if its model a, then it should have min XGB of Ram, certain CPU type of, model x motherboard and a SSD drive greater than 300GB, etc etc", some might be as simple as "if its model b, then its not compliant", regardless of the hardware configuration.


      This won't seem difficult for couple of models however we have over 400 different types of assets.

      Currently im doing this via Pick(Match()) and bunch of if statements, this was only for a small set of loose criteria. As it expands it will become more difficult to track and manage in nested ifs.


      Would you recommend using the "peek" function and maintain a table with what "compliant" looks like?


      Are there any other suggestions?

      Thank you