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    After upgrade to June 2017 QMC and Hub has stopped working

    Kashif Ansari

      We are upgrading our environment from QlikSense 3.0.0 -> QlikSense 3.1.2 -> QlikSense 3.2.4 -> QlikSense June 2017.

      Upgrade till QlikSense 3.2.4 went absolutely fine. Hub and QMC were wroking fine. Apps were working fine even data load worked fine.

      After upgrading 3.2.4 to June 2017, the Hub and QMC stopped working.

      We upgraded from 3.0.0(Synchronized Pers) -> 3.1.2(Synchronized Pers) -> 3.2.4(Synchronized Pers) -> June 2017 (Shared Persistence)

      We are getting :-

      This page can’t be displayed

      Logs have below errors :-

      Method: 'SendRimQrsStatusRequest'. Failed to retrieve service status from 'http://<RIMServername>:4444/status/'. Server host 'RIMHostname'. Error message: 'Forbidden'

      Proxy -> Trace:

      <win service account>Could not retrieve local server node configuration from local repository

      Also, just to let you know in the Database Service listener screen I had put the IP address of CENTRAL node in "Listen Addresses" in the format xx.xx.xx.xx and IP address of the RIM node in IP Range in the format xx.xx.xx.xx/32. We only have one RIM node.

      We had shut down all QS services on RIM node and CENTRAL node when starting June 2017 Upgrade of CENTRAL Node.

      Please advice.