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    Qliksense Mashup - Visualization on the Fly

    Reema Dangwal

      Hi All,


      I am creating a table object using app.visualization.create( 'table'.......,  Can you please suggest how to add text color expression to the measure values in this object.


      Example if my code is:

      app.visualization.create( 'table', [ "Case Owner Group", { "qDef" : { "qDef" : "Avg([Case Duration Time])", "qLabel" : "Avg Case Duration Time" }, }, { "qDef" : { "qDef" : "Sum( [Open Cases] )", "qLabel" : "Open Cases" } } ], {"title" : "Case Owner Group Case stats"} ).then( function ( visual ) { visual.show( 'QV01' ); } );


      How can I mention the option of color in code so that if the expression is Avg([Case Duration Time])<5 then the text color should be red otherwise green for the same column/expression.