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    Change coordinate system to EPSG:28992

    frank beunder



      With our customer, most data is in EPSG:28992. The user guide gives me the following information:


      If you have lots of coordinates in another coordinate system than WGS-84 it might be efficient to run GeoAnalytics in another coordinate system. You then need to provide a background map in that coordinate system, either a tile service or a simple vector file.

      Qlik GeoAnalytics - User Guide


      Can someone give me a more hands-on explanation on how 'run GeoAnalytics' in another coordinate system?




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          Patric Nordström

          Hi Frank,

          This probably calls for a longer post, but here's the short version.

          • QGA default base map is in web mercator EPSG 3857
          • Default feature layers should be in WGS84 EPSG 4326
          • QGA can handle background and feature layers in other projections using base map "Empty" meter or degrees
          • If a custom projection, then all layers should follow the same projection.
          • No reprojection takes place on the client.


          So for instance, using your CRS EPSG:28992, it's a meter based CRS:

          • Switch to base map Empty meters
          • Load a background WMS in CRS EPSG:28992
          • Load coordinates from an excel file with EPSG:28992
          • Connect to WFS, use EPSG:28992


          Fyi, when importing data through the connector in other projections, the connector automatically converts to WGS 84, EPSG:4326.