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    Preset Filters for Graphs

    Matthew McCauley

      I am trying to have preset filters on the work sheet that will accommodate the graphs I am trying to create.


      I currently have a bar chart that expression is



      [Building Name]





      I also have a [CONTRACTOR] field I want to apply to the graph without a user having to click on any filter sorter.  Basically a preset for the entire work sheet.

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          Sunny Talwar

          May be like this


          Count({<[CONTRACTOR] = {'PresetValue'}>} [WORKORDER ID])

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              Matthew McCauley

              Thanks for the answer, but I am looking for the entire table.  So an example is I have contractors named ADS, FPA, FMD, etc.


              There are over 100 contractors.  I would like to make that a filter in the bar chart without searching for the contractors, in other words I want an all in compassing graph that includes all of the contractors without having to click the select all feature in the [CONTRACTOR] table.


              Sorry if that was not clear.

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                  Sunny Talwar

                  By default you chart should show all CONTRACTORs as long as you have not made a selection in any one particular CONTRACTOR. In case you want to select one and still see all of them, then you need to ignore selection in CONTRACTOR field... which can be done like this


                  Count({<[CONTRACTOR]>} [WORKORDER ID])


                  Now, no matter what you have selected in CONTRACTOR field, you will see all of them...