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    Redundancy in some reports

    Matheus Colares

      Hi guys, i need help.

           I work with Qlikview a almost two year, but i don't have very experience in methods and administration, when i start work in the company, a lot of thing were already on. But now, i have i work to do, i need performe some bi's.

           Here, in my job, there is a vision specific to each sector, and we distribute a number X of licenses for each vision.


      Bi-Finance have 3 licences

      Bi-Commercial have 30 licenses

      Bi-Executive Board have 2 licenses.....


           But, in several bi's there are repeated tabs, for exaple, Sales, in each vision there is a sheet Sales, to which they all seem.

           Unfortunately i can't create a Bi-Sales, and give licence for everyone, because a don't have a lot licenses.


              My idea was create a Bi-Sales and load this vision in other vision with BINARY LOAD, but i dont know if this is a better way.

              If some one knows a better method to decrease redundancy, or explain me how works Qlikview in your company, I would be very grateful...

      Thank you...