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    adarsh chaubey

      Hi all,


      We are following a four layer approach in a application.

      In first layer data is extract to qvd and stored.

      In second layer qvds are transformed to some logic.

      In third layer data are applied to qvw and data model is created.


      Now my question is that a layer 3 task is taking around 35 min to complete which is very higher than other task.

      Can any one have idea why it is ???

      Sorry cannot paste application

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          Felip Drechsler

          The transformation step can take quite some time depending on the operations you're doing Adarsh, like complex joins and other types of calculations.


          It's difficult to say withouth seeing the application, but i would assume that your transforming a high amount of data and to me, 35 minutes isn't that high for the transformation part.



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            Clever Anjos

            Could you at least upload your transformation app log?

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              Peter Cammaert

              Compare your question to this: "My road train is loaded up and good to go but when I start my 5000 mile journey the last trailer is dragging my entire truck to a very slow speed. What could be the problem? You cannot look at my truck or inspect the insides or the loaded goods."


              Pretty darn impossible to comment on your problem without resorting to general suggestions. Please try to provide a few more details about the last step and its environment, the reference execution speed and how it differs in practice, the script complexity, the amount of tables and records, the machine on which it is expected to run with acceptable speed, etc. Thanks.