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    CrossTable report


      Hello my fellow Qlikview experts.  I come to you with assistance on how to display a report and make some minor calculations.


      I receive this example report in excel (please see attached) and would like to display it in the same exact format in Qlikview.  The main dimension that I need to have is Address Suite as most of my reports are built off of the address suite.  I can't attach the Qlikview report but would greatly appreciate someone creating a sample Qlikview report based off of the file I have attached.


      The only columns which I would like to be automatically calculated are... (Please note that if there are any fields you struggle to write script to auto calculate, it would still be very helpful to get a sample of displaying as much of the data as possible in the same format)


      A) "Term" (how many months is the lease for; this is the difference between the commence and expiration columns).  

      B) "2017 Total" (Total of all expense in 2017)

      C) "Total obligation" (Total of all expense in 2017 and 2018 combined)

      D) "Remaining obligation" (Total remaining expenses for 2017 and 2018 combined as of this month (i.e as of September 2017).


      As usual, I greatly appreciate everyone's assistance.  Thank you.